Pocoyo Birthday Party. Suggestions

As we serve Worldwide, some of ours English speakers costumers have told us why not to write about our Pocoyo party supplies. For sure that you want to organize a big Pocoyo party. It´s our pleasure to give you some suggestions.

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The place:

Everywhere is a nice place in order to organize a Pocoyo Party. It´s important that your child feels that the place is familiar for him or her. It would be very nice if you have some open-air space ( if the weather is nice, of course)

The beginning

The more childs in your party, the better. Your child will be very happy when he or she sees that all his/her friends are coming home.

What´s the more important thing: The Pocoyo invitatation cards.

Our Pocoyo invitations it´s a funny way to tell your child´s friends that they are invited to a Party. Not only thing in your child. Think also in how amazing will be for the other childs to dream the night before in the Pocoyo Party

The Pacoyo Party

Once you have decided how many childs will come, then you will need some stuffs:

Pocoyo Plates

Pocoyo table cloth

Pocoyo napkinks

– Cutlery

Pocoyo candles for the cake

Pocoyo ballons

Pocoyo Piñata

Pocoyo Piñata toys

Beard in mind that for your convenience, we have create some Pocoyo Party Packs with the essential products. Take a look into our Packs.

What to do:

Pocoyo lives in a magical World. Do you know that he is going to have a Sister?

Let your child to learn with Pocoyo magical world. We have seen with our own sons and daughters how incredible can be to learn with Pocoyo.

The most important think it´s to create a Pocoyo atmosphere. With our products, you will have all the necessary stuffs to create it. Please, if you need something more, do not hesitate to ask us for it to our mail info@esdiadefiesta.com

How to create this Pocoyo atmosphere? Well, we think that in one place should be the table with the meat and in other place the Piñata. Childs will be moving around this two places. For sure that they will have a blast.

Remember, the Pocoyo Piñata is for the last moment! Our Pocoyo Piñata is completely safe. Childs don´t need astick for nothing. It works with strips.

You know how hungry are the childs. Let them eat at the beginning.

a) A Pocoyo Tale

There are in the market a lot of Pocoyo books, with a lot of pictures. If you want us to send you one, please ask as for one. We are plenty of them. Read them a tale, putting a lot of enthusiasms, and asking them to answer what Pocoyo and his friends will do. They must say all together: Yes, No, Pocoyo, Elly, present ,and so on.

b) Let´s all dance

Pocoyo loves the music. Your child os his/her friends loves too. Let´s all dance with Pocoyo music. In youtube you should get all the Pocoyo music.

c) Pocoyo movie

They will love to watch Pocoyo. Chapters are about 8 minutes each one and are very funny.

Encourage the chiilds to answer the questions that appear in every Pocoyo Chapter. It´s very funny to see all of them together screaming at the same time.

Then ask the kids what they have watched, and allow them to explain you the movie.

d) Pocoyo drawing

How will be the one who draws better Pocoyo? The most original? The most creative?

There will be as many awards as childs. Check our Pocoyo gifts. They will love them.

e) The Piñata

The happiness in their eyes. It´s the final flash. You can put inside a lot of candies, presents and confetti. Please, remember that if there is some child handicapped, it´s very important to let them participate in the Piñata. He/ She will be the most Happy.

Well, We hope that our suggestions are useful for you. If you want more, please contact us at info@esdiadefiesta.com and remember that we serve our worldwide with very good prices. We have special prices for abroad of European Union. We hope you enjoy our Pocoyo Birthday Party supplies.

Case you want more information about prices and fees outside European Union, Send us an e-mail and we will send you a budget with the fees.

See you soon

Posted by Inma and Maria